What is the Group membership limit that can be set in CA Performance Management (CAPM)?
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What is the Group membership limit that can be set in CA Performance Management (CAPM)?


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Group membership limit looks to be 8100. Checking the UniversalList.Limit shows it is set to 8100. Is this the field that needs to be modified to increase the group limitation?

If so what is the max limit this can be set to without causing issues?


Dx NetOps Performance Management 20.2 or later


The UniversalList.Limit is set to 5000 out of the box on the global attributes page:


It is applied to the code for number of look-ups with getUniversalList() API call. Whether it be devices, items or even group members, that limit is used in various retrievals whether to expand the group items as filter or generic get item call. So there is a correlation as to UniversalList.Limit as Joe R have noted.  The universal limit is the number of rows to process within an inventory look-up, is also applied as a constraint on group membership.

However, looking at the following documentation:

TechDocs : DX NetOps CAPM 22.2 : Manage Groups

... we note the following

"When creating groups for a data aggregator data source, to keep reporting times within reasonable limits, limit the group membership to 10,000, including the children of managed items."

This is the recommendation to be able to do a report in 2 minutes