What is my storage array type or brand and how do I get parts replaced?
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What is my storage array type or brand and how do I get parts replaced?


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Security Analytics


There are three different storage arrays used in Security Analytics.  Sometimes finding out which one you have makes it easier to find a resolution to a problem you are experiencing. This document contains instructions for replace drives in ME4084 or ME4012 drive storage arrays.


Security Analytics with high density storage.


There are three storage array types and two different drive enclosures types which might be attached to the Security Analytics sensors. The array models have changed over time to obtain the best storage as technology has progressed.


The following command and table will show which storage array you have and the appropriate method to determine the health of the storage.

The command to run as root is:

multipath -ll | egrep -w "DELL|DellEMC|NETAPP"| tail -1 | awk '{print $3}'

Then cross reference for the storage type and the command to check the health.  The configuration and logs are needed before an RMA can be created.

Hardware Model Manufacturer Model Command to determine overall health Command to generate hardware logs
DellEMC U144 or U840
pv_monitor.sh -H
pv_monitor.sh -S
SMcli -d

SMcli -n array_name -c 'show storageArray healthstatus;'
SMcli -n array_name -c 'save storageArray supportData file="/home/supportdata";'
DELL MD3860 Use the MDSM GUI and look for the amber triangle for the Recovery Guru in the top left area of the home page.  

The head unit, MD1400, and J5300 drive status can be reviewed with lsi-show.  lsi-show will always return at least six drive as the head unit has them built in for the application configuration and operating system.

Remember, before replacement parts can be shipped, you will need to supply a full shipping address along with the recipient name and contact phone number.  You will also need to let us know if you want a field tech to replace the storage array component (available for certain hardware only).

There is a great youtube video on replacing the U144, aka Dell ME4012, hard disks at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68MKwz-LMJk

For the U840, aka Dell ME4084, drive swaps, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKddNZOH750

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