Unable to install multiple copies of Identity Governance on the same server
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Unable to install multiple copies of Identity Governance on the same server


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CA Identity Suite


Currently, we are using Identity Governance and Portal 14.2 in all our DEV, QA and PROD environment. We are planning to upgrade to 14.4 without shutting down the existing 14.2 instances in DEV environment. This means we are trying to run the 14.4 instance parallelly along with the 14.2 instance. 

For this, we have created extra resources by increase space and RAM size in our Dev linux machine. And also we created separate Identity Governnace related databases for 14.4 instance. After getting all the things in place, we have run the 14.4 installer which was successful.

Issue 1 :

When I see in ${JBOSS_HOME}/standalone/configuration folder we don't see CA XML files get created which are mandatory. i.e. ( standalone-full-ca-gm.xml, standalone-full-ha-ca-gm.xml) 

Issue 2 :

After changing port-offset to 100 in standalone.xml file in ${JBOSS_HOME}/standalone/configuration folder I am getting Five Ports are already in use error. This means it is taking default ports that are already in use by the 14.2 instance.


Please guide us on this installation and port mismatch issues. We are running the application in a standalone environment. Currently we are installing the new version in DEV which is a Non-Cluster environment (Single node). And we are using JBOSS 7.2.9 version for 14.4 installation.



Identity Governance does not support multiple installations on the same server. There has been no QA testing of such installations. Only in-place upgrades or parallel installation on separate servers are supported: