ppa_wip.EMPLYHOMEDEPART not updated in WIP Adjustments and transfers
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ppa_wip.EMPLYHOMEDEPART not updated in WIP Adjustments and transfers


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We have changed the financial department for a resource.

The transactions generated by the timesheets posted since the change do show the new Resource Department on the PPA_WIP table (EMPLYHOMEDEPART column).

Is there a way of updating the past transactions so they show the current financial department of the resource?


This was analyzed through DE39017


This is a software limitation and is working as designed. 

Basically, any field that is NOT shown in the Classic PPM WIP pages such as the Resource's Location/Department is NOT changed if the resource profile has been changed. 
Here is a community posting that talks about the limitation

Change resource Dept on a Transaction

Workaround: Make a WIP adjustment directly on this existing transaction down to zero and then create a completely new transaction with the new resource settings.
The Resource Department settings are set into the transaction at the time the transaction is created.


Additional Information

Details on DE39017:


1. Run Post Timesheets
2. Run Post Transaction job
3. Run Post to WIP job
4. Modify the 'Financial Department' and 'Resource Class' values for a resource that had transactions posted
5. From 'Create WIP Adjustment', select the resource that had the financial properties modified in step 4 and select a transaction date for one of the posted transactions and check 'Calculate new rates' box
6. Click Save & Return button
7.Go to Approve WIP adjustments and 'Approve' button

Expected Results:
EMPLYHOMEDEPART should reflect the value it was updated to in Resource Financial Properties

Actual Results: EMPLYHOMEDEPART is still pointing to the original value