CA View - Questions about View Database size
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CA View - Questions about View Database size


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What is the largest we can make a View database?

Are there any issues with having database extents of different sizes in the same database?  For instance, one database 3338cyl, and one 32,760?

Is there a documented process for consolidating a View database?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


 A View database can have, at most:

 . 255 data extents
 . 255 index extents

 . Maximum of 32,760 cylinders per extent.

 . There can be a mixture of database extent sizes.  

The process, in brief, to consolidate a database would be as follows:

 . Use SARDBASE ADDDS (DATA and INDEX) to create a new database. 
 . Shut down all View STC tasks using the database. 
 . Shut down any Deliver RMOSTC tasks that write directly to the database. 

 . Run SARDBASE COPY, copying the current database to the new database. 
 . Run SARDBASE RENAME, to rename the current database to another name. 
 . Run SARDBASE RENAME, to rename the new database to the current name. 

 . Start the View STC tasks. 
 . Start the Deliver RMOSTC tasks.