policy plugin - Issue with importing full build bundle
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policy plugin - Issue with importing full build bundle


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CA API Gateway


After running the following commands the policies are failing with missing encapsulated assertions.

- Regular export (gradlew clean export -P env=prod)
- Creation of a full  bundle (gradlew clean build-full-bundle -P env=prod -D com.ca.apim.build.disableEnvironmentEntityUniqueNaming=true)
- After importing this bundle through the portal, it seem none of the existing policies were working and many messages such as these were displayed:
{"package":"com.l7tech.server.policy.assertion.ServerEncapsulatedAssertion","level":"WARNING","log":{"message":"No encapsulated assertion config found with GUID 99d3446f-6224-4d1b-b034-81801e0569fa"},


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Using policy plugin version 1.07 or above should resolve this problem 

The other option is to run the build with the option   com.ca.apim.build.ignoreAnnotations=true 

gradlew clean build-full-bundle -P env=prod -D com.ca.apim.build.disableEnvironmentEntityUniqueNaming=true -D com.ca.apim.build.ignoreAnnotations=true