API Developer Portal (SaaS): Calls to the /Apis or /2.0/Apis endpoints fail with a 404 since version 5.0.2 was deployed in SaaS Portal
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API Developer Portal (SaaS): Calls to the /Apis or /2.0/Apis endpoints fail with a 404 since version 5.0.2 was deployed in SaaS Portal


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This article will discuss a situation where version 5.0.2 of SaaS Portal completely removed the previously deprecated Apis endpoint which was part of the PAPI functionality.

The PAPI Apis endpoint was deprecated a very long time ago in version 4.4. It was announced at the time that it would be fully removed in the very next version (i.e. version 4.5), and it was indeed removed in full for on-prem API Portal instances but was only fully removed in SaaS Portal version 5.0.2.

Some customers used internal tooling such as Jenkins to automate processes for upgrading or migrating APIs from one environment to another for example, and needed to update their tooling to use the new endpoints instead of the deprecated (and now removed) endpoints such as the following URL:


Behaviour seen: When calling the deprecated Apis endpoint after version 5.0.2 was deployed in SaaS Portal, it would result in HTTP 404 errors causing the requests to fail.


API Portal (SaaS) version 5.0.2 and newer.


Removal of the deprecated Apis endpoint in version 5.0.2 of SaaS Portal caused issues for users who were still using the deprecated Apis endpoint with their internal tooling well over a year past the announcement of deprecation. Customers using the deprecated Apis endpoint needed to convert their internal tooling as of 4.4 to use the replacement endpoints per the documentation announcing the changes. If customers did not previously update their tooling, then the final removal of this functionality in 5.0.2 caused HTTP 404 errors.


All customers encountering the HTTP 404 error when making calls to the deprecated /Apis endpoint must modify their tooling to be calling the newer API management PAPI endpoints as per the documentation. The PAPI swagger file as of 5.0.2 can be viewed here: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/layer7-api-management/api-developer-portal/saas/portal-apis/portal-api-papi/papi-swagger-file-502.html

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