Unable to start the Data Repository on 1 node
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Unable to start the Data Repository on 1 node


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Unable to start node 2 but nodes 1 and 3 work.

Force start does not work

Revert to last good epoch does not work


All supported releases Dx NetOps Performance Management releases


Node 2 was partially corrupt


  1. Restore the cluster to the LGE. See the following KB article for additional steps.
  2. If the full DB cluster does not start, if one node remains a problem take these additional steps.
    1. Run the command "kill -9 <PID>.
      1. Where <PID> is the PID of the Vertica process on the node that will not work
      2. Run "ps -ef | grep vertica" to identify the PID.
    2. With all other nodes online launch adminTools and use option 5 "Restart Vertica on Host" and specify to restart the problem node.