CA SDM-> setup Activity Notification to trigger Tenant Specific
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CA SDM-> setup Activity Notification to trigger Tenant Specific


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CA Service Desk Manager


In CA SDM, How to setup activity notifications to be sent as tenant Specific


CA Service Desk Manager 17.X


In a multi-tenancy environment, the notification rule is a tenant-optional object.
Public notification rules apply to all tickets; tenanted rules apply only to tickets with the same tenant as the rule, or to tenants in its subtenant hierarchy.

OOTB Default Notification Rules are stored as public objects. If multi-tenancy is installed, you must create a copy of the Notification Rule and message template for each of the tenants.

Example: Below env have multi tenancy enabled and created tenant specific mails for "Transfer" notification.

1. Created notification rule and message templates separately for each Tenant.
Below screenshot are FYR.

Message template:

Notification Rules:

2. Map these message template to respective tenant Notification rule.

3. Mapped these notification rules to OOTB "Transfer" Activity Notification.

4. Now created a ticket under tenant "provider" and did a transfer.
Transfer mail of tenant "provider" is triggered.