MVL values save at wrong task in Grid (MUX)
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MVL values save at wrong task in Grid (MUX)


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MVL field data saved on wrong grid task if users clicks on the grid once values are selected at Details Fly-Out

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get any Dynamic Query lookup, ie BROWSE_ACTIVE_VALIDATED_PROCESSES 
  2. Classic Administration, Studio: Objects, Tasks Object, Attributes Tab 
  3. Create a Multi Value lookup based on the lookup above and add the API Attribute ID: My MVL 
  4. Go to the Modern UX, edit any project and go to the Tasks tab 
  5. Add the My MVL attribute to the Tasks grid 
  6. Create several tasks 
  7. Select the first task and open the Details Fly-out 
  8. On the MVL field select one or more values 
  9. Click on the Fly-Out itself after selecting the value(s) 
  10. Values are saved correctly 
  11. Select another task and open the Details Fly-out 
  12. Add some MVL field values 
  13. Once values selected, click on the Tasks Grid on a different task 

Expected Results: Data to be saved on the same task where values were added at the Details Fly-Out. 

Actual Results: Data is saved on the wrong task. The task on the grid where we clicked on.


Release 15.8.1, 15.9.0, 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3 


DE61742 - (DE60406 - marked as a duplicate) 

Workaround: Ensure that if data is modified on the fly-out, the user clicks on the fly-out itself prior to moving back to the grid


Fixed in Release 16.0.0