Incorrect MCS profile version in OC
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Incorrect MCS profile version in OC


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After deploying CDM probe 6.60, CDM MC: 6.60 and creating profile in OC. Why the version is showing as 6.60.1?


Release : UIM 20.3

Component : CDM Probe



The version 6.60.1 we see in OC is Template version. Which is different from probe version.

Can run below query to see the results:

select * from SSRV2Template where probe = 'cdm'

Note: If the cdm probe is 6.60 and Template version is 6.42 or something else(other than 6.60.1). It says the  cdm_mcs_template package is not deployed.

1. Deploy the cdm_mcs_tempalte package on primary hub robot.

2. Ctrl+p on the MCS probe and select the ""activate_probes_template_package" command.

3. Use the below values for PU command and run:

probe name: cdm

templates_package: 6.60

4. now we can see the latest/updated template version.

The query output table columns shows -

"version" column displays the probe_mcs_templates version.

"probeversion" column displays the probe version used for this template.