CA Identity Manager upgrade FROM 14.2 CP05 to 14.4
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CA Identity Manager upgrade FROM 14.2 CP05 to 14.4


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CA Identity Manager


We are planning to upgrade our virtual appliance IDM from 14.2 CP05 to 14.4. We would like to know whether we have to enable policy store updates before/during IDM upgrade, I.e., Below parameter is checked in IDM management console, we would like to know whether to check the checkbox or uncheck it. Attached the screenshot from IDM management console for your reference.

parameter currently checked in IDM management console:

Disabled policy store update


Release : 14.2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)



Disable Policy Store Update: Selecting this option disables the synchronization between the policy store in CA Single Sign-on (formerly SiteMinder) and Identity Manager from both the Directory or the Role Definition XML. This feature only applies to a pairing of CA Single Sign-on and CA Identity Manager. A message is displayed during the XML file's import that the associated Policy Store will not be updated for this environment.
The import of an environment when connected with SM, creates all of the needed SM configurations. Domain, rules Rehlms, auth schemes, and such. The import of the directory sets the search context for userID, password data, and such.
If neither of these are going to change during the upgrade, then there is no need to enable this option as all of the objects have been created already, and the upgrade will update the software binaries.