Unable to update dates on a portlet if another portlet shows an error
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Unable to update dates on a portlet if another portlet shows an error


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In a page with two object-based portlets, if one of the portlets has an error (e.g.: a string value is too large), it is not possible to update the date attributes in the other portlets. Other attribute types (strings, booleans...) can be updated just fine.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new String attribute in the Project object that is limited to 10 characters 
  2. Create a new Project subobject with a Date and a String (or Boolean) attribute 
  3. Create two object-based portlets, one for Project and the other for the subobject 
  4. Open any project and create some instances of the subobject 
  5. Create a new tab for the project that contains the two portlets 
  6. Ensure that the attributes created in steps 1 and 2 are displayed in each portlet 
  7. In the projects portlet, try to modify any project instance for the string attribute to 'aaaaaaaaaaa' (11 characters) and press the 'Save' button in the same portlet. An error 'Value is too large' will be displayed and vthe alue will not be accepted/saved (expected) 
  8. In the subobject portlet, try to modify the string (or boolean) attribute while the error in the other portlet is still displayed. Save using the button in the subobject portlet. The value will be accepted/saved (expected) 
  9. Repeat step 7 
  10.  Repeat step 8, but modify the date attribute instead 

Expected Results: As in Step 8 with the string or boolean, the date is saved.

Actual Results: Projects portlet shows an 'Error 500 - Internal Server Error.'

From app-ca.log:

ERROR XXXX-XX-XX XX:XX:XX,XXX [http-nio-80-exec-2214] object.CustomObjectUpdateService 
(clarity:admin:X:npt.gridUpdate) Unable to update instance 5000000 for object my_subproject
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "7/9/2021"
 at java.base/java.text.DateFormat.parse(DateFormat.java:395)


Release : 15.8, 15.8.1, 15.9, 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3




Workaround: When the error first occurs, refresh the page BEFORE attempting to edit and save data in the other portlets on the page. 


  • Fixed in Release 16.0.0
  • Fixed in Release 15.9.3 Patch #1 ( 

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