Operator console displays incorrect logmon alarm source
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Operator console displays incorrect logmon alarm source


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alarms from the logmon probe which are utilizing the "source" setting are not appearing in the operator console alarm panel as expected.

This alarm for example:

This is being correctly displayed and resolved within Infrastructure Manager.

However looking at the same alarm in Operator Console:


The Device Name section in the top right respects and displays the source set in the logmon probe. The Device Name listed in the alarm is incorrectly showing the hostname of the robot the logmon probe is running on.

 Alarms from logmon that have a different source also don't generate a new item in the Operator Console inventory unlike the net_connect probe.

 This causes the robot running the logmon probe have the alarm icon rather then the host that is set as the alarm source.


The other issue with the current implementation is regarding maintenance windows.

If maintenance window is set for a host specified through the source field in the logmon probe the alarms still come through.

To silence alarms, need to set the maintenance window on the host running the logmon probe which then silences all alarms for that host and any subsequent hosts configured in the logmon probe.




Release : 20.3.3 (June 2021 hotfixes)

logmon : 4.11



This use case has been identified as a defect by Development

In this case the fix is in the alarmviewer and operator console components 

This will be fixed in the upcoming UIM July 2021 hotfix release cycle