Configuring User Security Rights in Ghost Solution Suite 3.x
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Configuring User Security Rights in Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


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Ghost Solution Suite


How to configure user console rights in Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


Security rights in Ghost Solution Suite are configured primarily in two different places in the console. One is for configuring user and group rights, the other is for configuring "object" rights for specific jobs, tasks, and computers.

General security options for users/groups are available in the console by navigating to Tools > Security > Manage Users (or User Groups) > Rights

The "Enable Security" box must be checked for rights to be applied from this location.

Rights available include "administrator" or individual specific rights. If the "administrator" right is applied to any user or group, that user/group automatically has rights to every other option regardless if they are selected or not.


Rights can also be applied to specific "objects" such as tasks/jobs, computers, or their folders. This is done simply by right clicking on one of those items and selecting "Permissions..."

Similar to user rights, object rights are overwritten to "Allow" if the user/group is set to Administrator. Rights for any user or group can not be modified if they have the "Administrator" right enabled.

The console will also allow you to evaluate rights to see an overview of what the user or group has permissions for: