DC045004 additional documentation
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DC045004 additional documentation


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The message DC045004 Vnnn Tnnnn TASK:xxxxxxxx; SCRATCH REQUEST FAILED--INVALID REQUEST, LIKELY BAD PARAMETER LIST can occur if a user program PUT SCRATCH request would exceed 255 pages.


Release: IDMS - all supported releases.


The message DC045004 is documented as follows at the IDMS Messages documentation page:


Either a user program has specified an invalid parameter list for a scratch request, or a system internal error has occurred, possibly caused by storage having been overwritten. Check the parameter list on the scratch request.

If this message is issued at startup of PMIM, the problem could be that the Scratch page size is not large enough. PMIM writes interval blocks for every area and must be able to write the interval to 255 pages in the scratch area. If there are a lot of areas, this message may occur and PMIM will terminate. You can reduce scratch needed by coding DBKMAX=0 on the #PMOPT macro.


The PMIM error described in the manual can also occur if a user program issues a PUT SCRATCH (#PUTSCR) request for a record length that would exceed 255 pages based on the Scratch Page Size. This can occur even if SCRATCH is allocated in storage. Due to a single byte field to contain the number of pages needed to contain the single PUT SCRATCH request, there is a 255 page limit for a single PUT SCRATCH request.

Currently, the page size for SCRATCH IN STORAGE is determined by the Page Size defined for area DDLDCSCR in the CV's DMCL. If there is no DDLDCSCR AREA defined in the DMCL, Page Size defaults to 4096.