IDMS Web-services concurrency
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IDMS Web-services concurrency


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In the IDMS Web services documentation at Using the Web Services API, under the WSINITIALIZE section, there is this comment:

Only one Web services environment may be allocated at any point in time.

Does this limit the concurrency of the web services support in any way? Does it mean that a program can only interface with one web service at a time?


Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS Web services



Any program that intends to use web services must first make a WSINITIALIZE call. This call sets up the web services environment for the program. It allocates storage areas that will be necessary for the support of web services.

Once this environment is allocated, the program can interface with as many different web services, as consumer or provider, as it needs to.

It is neither required, nor is it possible, to make multiple WSINITIALIZE calls in the same program.

After a program has completed its web services work, it should make one WSRELEASE call to de-allocate the environment that the WSINITIALIZE call created.

This functionality is analogous to the BIND/FINISH verbs in a network database program.

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