What is the cause of a Restore being in hold status?
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What is the cause of a Restore being in hold status?


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VM:Backup for z/VM


When trying to restore all the versions of a file, it was noted the restore went to hold status.

Trying to restore just the 3 oldest versions at once got the same problem.

Restoring the 3 files one by one does work.

Is the issue posibly not enough tape drives?


Release : 3.6

Component : CA VM:Backup for z/VM


The restore of all file versions is running as a single job.

The process number for every RESERVE and MOUNT request is process "0024".

So essentially the single job that is running ends up trying to RESERVE 3 tape drives.

The 3rd RESERVE fails (for process "0024") and the job rolls back and is put on hold:

15:05:42 VMBACKUP 0024 VMTVMB0600I Beginning: 'RESERVE DRIVE (COUNT 1 DEN ENHXF NOEXTRA QUEUE READ' for 00000001 using IUCV.        
15:05:42 VMBACKUP 0024 VMTEDL0050I No eligible drives                                                                               
15:05:42 VMBACKUP 0024 VMTVMB0601I Ending: 'RESERVE', RC= 16. 

Set the VMBACKUP CONFIG file to RESERVE OFF to resolve the issue.