Multiple Budget plan set current when XOGed
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Multiple Budget plan set current when XOGed


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If two approved budget plans are XOGed in simultaneously, both are set as current.

A process on the task object is called simultaneously on more than one task at the same project. The process XOGs an Approved Budget Plan in. When this is called simultaneously on more than 1 task then multiple current Budget Plans are found at the application.

1. Create a process that autostarts on tasks on update
2. The process contains a GEL script that reads the cost plan of record of the project.
   It builds a budget plan XOG write and inserts an approved budget plan.
3. Go to a project tasks list
4. On the list view, update a task so the process gets triggered
5. The process starts and completes. 
6. An approved budget plan has been XOGed in and it is set as current
7. Now perform the same action on two tasks. Update 2 of the tasks and save
8. The process is initiated and completes in both tasks

Expected Results: The Budget plan is created and the latest one is set as Current
Actual Results: One Budget Plan is created by each process. But both are set as Current


This is caused by DE61638


This is fixed in 16.0.2

Workaround: Update tasks one by one so no simultaneous Budget Plans are XOGed in