Data updates revert back to previous value temporarily in MUX grid / TSV
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Data updates revert back to previous value temporarily in MUX grid / TSV


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When updating data in the grid sometimes values change temporarily back to the previous value. This issue happens in Totals or Per Period Metrics (Time Scale Value (TSV)). Within a few seconds or so, the value will change back to the new amount.  This happens if a previous update is still in processing / pending status. This in reproducible in multiple Modern User Experience (MUX) areas including Roadmaps and Assignments.  


  1. Create a new Roadmap 
  2. Import or create 10 Roadmap items 
  3. Go to the Grid view 
  4. Add the following Totals columns: 
    • Capital Cost 
    • Operating cost
  5. In view options, make sure that Totals columns is set to Sum of Periods
  6. Change Capital cost for one roadmap item to 0, then tab quickly to the Operating Cost for the same roadmap item and type 0 

Expected Results: Value changes to 0 and remains as 0. 

Actual Results: Value changes to 0, then changes back to the previous amount, and then changes back to 0 after a few seconds. 

Note: This also happens if you copy and paste a value: If you copy and paste a value into 6 cells, for example, some of the cells may have the issue, while others may not.


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3


This is caused by DE61625


Sustaining Engineering reviewed this as DE61625 and determined due to the complexity, it will be addressed as part of more extensive work outside of this defect.

Workaround: Wait a few seconds and the values should display correctly. 

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