Incremental Only option for Rate Matrix Extraction Job
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Incremental Only option for Rate Matrix Extraction Job


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There is now an additional parameter "Incremental Only" for the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job, what does it do and how should it be used?


Release: All Supported Clarity releases
Component: Clarity Financial Management


The following subset of options are part of the job existing from older versions:

  1. Prepare rate matrix data - this only generates all pertinent records and puts it into a temporary table so the update can happen during non-production time.
  2. Update rate matrix data - this just truncates the nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs table and copies all records over from the temp table that got generated during Prepare.

With the newer releases, a new job parameter called "Incremental Update Only" will be available when running the job.

To execute the job as an 'incremental' job, the 'incremental' parameter MUST be accompanied by another parameter selection. By only selecting/checking the 'Incremental Update Only' parameter for executing the job will NOT provide any updates to the data.

If the "Incremental Update Only" option is checked along with the Prepare and Update options, "Prepare rate matrix data" option will only pick the project if and only if any of the following is true after the last successful job run:

  • The project is active.  
  • The project is updated. (* Based on the project's Last Updated Date Field)
  • One or more tasks of the project are updated. 
  • One or more team members are added or changed. 
  • One or more assignments are added or changed. 
  • One or more matrix associations within the project, changes (labor/material/expense/equipment - rate and cost source settings in the project's financial page) 
  • One or more associated matrices change. 
  • The entity associated with the project changes. 
  • The matrix that is associated with the project's entity changes. 
  • The Transaction Entry defaults change (System wide rate matrix setting). 
  • Any matrix associated with the Transaction Entry Defaults changes. 
  • Financial information of one or more team members on the project changes. (resource financial properties) 

The following conditions will NOT trigger the RME to include the project:

  • The project is inactive.
  • One or more team members are deleted (removed).
  • One or more assignments are deleted(removed).
  • The matrix is deleted.
  • One or more resources attached to the project are deleted.

A full run will handle deleted tasks/resources/team members/assignments

Bottom Line:
Typically, you would run a 'full' extraction where all rates will be re-extracted by selection only the first 3 options and not selecting the Incremental Only option. If the 'full' extraction doesn't take too long to complete, you can ignore the 'Incremental Only' option.

For a Full Run, Select Parameters:

  • Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler
  • Prepare Rate Matrix Data
  • Update Rate Matrix Data

For an Incremental Run, Select Parameters:

  • Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler
  • Prepare Rate Matrix Data
  • Update Rate Matrix Data
  • Incremental Update Only

For an Teams Only Run, Select Parameters:

  • Prepare Rate Matrix Data
  • Update Rate Matrix Data
  • Incremental Update Only
  • Teams Only

Scheduling the Job:

The 'incremental' option is to be used to only update new changes made to to any of the items noted above, so that the run time is shorter than the typical 'full' run. This option is useful if you have a large set of financial data (projects, resources, transactions, matrices, etc). If you have a large amount of financial data, the full run takes a long time (many hours) and rates get changed frequently, yet your users need new rates right away during the day, running the job with this option (with all 4 options checked) during the day would shorten the run time and impact users. Then during off hours you can set up another schedule to do a full run (without the Incremental Only option checked).  

* NOTE: * If the 'Investment Allocation' job is executed in between incremental runs of the Rate Matrix Extraction, the Incremental Option will effectively behave in the same manner as a full execution because the 'Investment Allocation' job will update all projects. Please refer to the other technical articles mentioned below for more information.