Requests failing intermittently with 401 at backend
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Requests failing intermittently with 401 at backend


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CA API Gateway


We are in the process of adding a new node to the rotation. We did made sure all the configuration on the new node is similar to the nodes that is already consuming traffic. When brought the new node into rotation intermittently calls are failing with 401, sent by backend. Backend is claiming that request hasn't been received. 



Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


Application is expecting Authorization header to be present in the request, it's failing because it does not.

The customer is setting the header in the route assertions this works but intermittently 

In the document is clear "The [Headers] tab is used to define which HTTP headers should be passed through",   unclear on adding a new header



Resolve by adding the assertions before the route  Manage Transport Properties/Headers to ADD or Replace both header (authorization and Other_Corrlation-ID)