Log message truncation
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Log message truncation


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CA API Gateway


After setting the audit.log.maxFormattedMessageSize cluster-wide property to 1000000, the audit log shows the complete logs including the large RESPONSE tag. The same information was not present in the SSG log and the information that was sent to the SYSLOG server. The large RESPONSE was truncated and empty as seen below:

Log entry:

2021-03-19T13:58:25.801-0400 WARNING 299 com.l7tech.log.custom.test: -5: GATEWAY_NAME=Gateway1|CORRELATION_ID=|CALLING_SERVICE=AuditTest|ASSERTION_NUMBER=4|RESPONSE=
2021-03-19T13:58:25.802-0400 WARNING 299 com.l7tech.server.message: Message processed successfully


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


After a restart of the Gateway, the value for the audit.log.maxFormattedMessageSize cluster-wide property was reset back to the default value of 10000.


This issue is fixed in 10 CR4 and 10.1 versions.

The suggested workaround is to modify the audit.log.maxFormattedMessageSize cluster-wide property after the Gateway restart.


Working log:

2021-03-19T14:06:50.962-0400 WARNING 557 com.l7tech.log.custom.test: -5: GATEWAY_NAME=Gateway1|CORRELATION_ID=|CALLING_SERVICE=AuditTest|ASSERTION_NUMBER=4|RESPONSE={

"account_login": "00000177d7d80f12-288fb",

"account_login_result": "not found",

"api_call_datetime": "2021-03-15 20:45:15.867",

"api_type": "session-query",

"api_version": "10.3",

"application_name": "myfa",