SAML error when including #action:homeActionId
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SAML error when including #action:homeActionId


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Seeing the following error after enabling SAML:

ERROR 2021-06-30 13:32:50,511 [https-jsse-nio2-8080-exec-62] filter.SAMLFilter (clarity:admin:-1:none) Error occured while creating session for user  null Reason: Unauthenticated SAML response received:
The response was received at https://<servername>/niku/nu instead of https://<servername>/niku/nu#action:homeActionId


Release : Any


  • Please ensure the Assertion URL does NOT include the #action:homeActionId
  • You have to update the CMN_SEC_SAML_CONFIGS table to set ASSERTION_CON_URL to https://<servername>:<port>/niku/nu

Here is the info: 

  • Assertion Consumer URL
  • The Assertion Consumer URL is the endpoint in Clarity to which the IdP provides an authentication response. It always needs to end with /niku/nu to ensure the SAML integration works successfully.

This is explained in our documentation, also the suggested parameters as example: Configuring Clarity to Support SAML 2.0 (