Topics folder not visible under jaspersoft organization
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Topics folder not visible under jaspersoft organization


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The Topics folder is a special Jaspersoft folder where if you save an ad-hoc view as a topic, then this topic becomes a template that a report developer can later use as Data Source to create another ad-hoc report. This special folder is not available at a tenant level.


Requirement : Clarity 15.9.2 with Jaspersoft 7.8 integration.

1. Navigate to Advanced reporting using a clarity user that has sufficient Advanced reporting rights  > Click Create Menu >  Adhoc view > Data Chooser window> Choose necessary fields and select option to “Save as Topic”, Topic name as “Topic1”  the default save directory is /adhoc/topics and click OK to save the topic.

2. Navigate Advanced reporting > Click View> Search results > Search for the Topic1 and it can be found.

3. Navigate to advanced reporting > Click View menu> Repository> Look for the Topics folder or Topic1 in the available repository path

Expected Results: The topic folder path 
(tenant)/adhoc/topics is available
Actual Results: The Topics folder is no where to be found in the tenant level.

Workaround: Adhoc view saved in a custom folder manually labelled “Topics" under "adhoc components" within the tenant , and it still offers the same functionality. 


Clarity 15.9.2 and JASPERSOFT 7.8


Defect DE61578


Defect currently in review with engineering team.

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