Action macro to change Request status from workflow not in list
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Action macro to change Request status from workflow not in list


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Trying to add behaviour to a request task status.  There is an action macro called "Set status = closed" whose object is cr.  It doesn't appear in the list when choosing "Update actions on true", as the lookup is limiting it to macros for cr_wf (Call Request Workflow objects).

One can also list all macros defined for a given object in the Administration tab:


Release : 17.1 and higher

Component : CA Service Management - Service Desk Classic Workflow


The objective was to try and update a workflow for a Request Area such that when the Task status is set to Reject, want under "Update Actions on True" to have an action that will set the status of the Request to close.

By design, there are no Request Workflow Task Action Macros that will affect Requests themselves.  Only one such Action macro is provided out of box per the above screenshot, which does not affect the request status, and one is limited to the type of macros that can be created in that Action Macros are excluded.

Suggested as workaround to create a Multiple Notification Macro that will send a mail that SDM can process via maileater which will affect the status change on the request.