AL2DCB20 - if CA7 should stay down during the execution
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AL2DCB20 - if CA7 should stay down during the execution


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CA 7 Workload Automation


CA 7 12.0 and 12.1 migration job AL2DCB20 requires to provide a DMPQ dataset in order to verify all the input Data that will be managed by the CA7 DB Datacom conversion.

In order to produce this dataset it is necessary to stop  CA7 with  the /SHUTDOWN,DMPQ command.

So, should  CA7 remain down for the time of the complete job execution or  would an immediate recycle be enough after the above shutdown command issued? 


Release : All

Component : CA-7


For the  initial clean up done by job AL2DCB20 (the 2nd pre-conversion job after AL2DCB10) , a DMPQ file is not required, in fact it can also be set as  DUMMY in the jcl card  //UCC7DMPQ DD. This is because, in this phase, the AL2DCB20 job will only give errors of what is in the database.

Anyway, if an outage can be taken at this stage, the CA7 command /SHUTDOWN,DUMPQ can be issue to create the DMPQ file so that the queues can also be checked. As the UCC7DMPQ content must be in sync with the database backup content passed, it would be better if the job is executed when the DMPQ is taken during CA7 shutdown. 

Or, it is also possible to plan a CA7 shutdown with DMPQ and also the execution of only the steps JS010-20-30 of AL2DCB20 with CA7 closed, then restart CA7 and  execute as separate job only the last step JS040 (CAL2DCVP) after the restart.