Relationship between SAMT Entry Names and Message IDs/Return Codes
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Relationship between SAMT Entry Names and Message IDs/Return Codes


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How are the SAMT entry names built? How do they reflect return codes and message IDs from the security package?


There are 2 types of SAMT entries. One for messages from the security package starting with '#' and one for return/feedback codes.

A SAMT entry name is an 8 byte string in one of the following formats:

'rc          'only with the return code such as RACF using the old style RACINIT macros. 

'rcfb        'with return and feedback code such as SAF using the RACROUT macros. 

'#nnnnnnn    'where '#' indicates an entry for a message and n is a number generated from the message number: 

For example:

Assume your security package returns a message with number 'ABC01234E'.
TPX first initializes the SAMT entry search field to '#0000000'.
Then it simply takes the numeric part and puts it at the end.
So you will have a SAMT search with '#0001234' for message number 'ABC01234E'.

Some additional examples:

 ACF01017E refers to #0001017 	
 ICH70001I refers to #0070001 	
 TSS7101E refers to #0007101 


Release: NVINAM00200-5.2-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package