BlazeMeter SAAS platform evaluation vs Private Cloud implementation
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BlazeMeter SAAS platform evaluation vs Private Cloud implementation


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Does the Broadcom infrastructure host the bzm-app functionality and S3 storage that must be hosted locally in a Private Cloud implementation? 

Do the crane image and test engines run on customer owned systems and/or EKS cluster?




Release :  SAAS



The bzm-app and S3 are actually hosted in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google manages the data centers and all aspects of the physical environment.  Users would access BlazeMeter through

- Customer data is hosted on GCP in Virginia, USA
- Physical security is managed by GCP. Broadcom vendor risk management team performs initial due diligence and on-going assessments
- GCP Data Centers undergo rigorous certification, and provide strong environmental, physical, and data security.
- For GCP certification information, including summary reports, see:
- For information on the GCP Global Infrastructure, see:
- For information on the GCP Infrastructure Security Design, see:
- For information on the locations used for this SaaS Service, refer to and

The crane images would execute on the JPMC On-Premise Private Locations (OPLs) where you can configure your tests to run.  The crane and engines setup aren't limited to customer systems or customer owned infrastructure.  Agents (crane images) are deployed in much the same way as they are in private cloud (but a little bit easier).  It is also possible to configure tests to run with engines in the public cloud with more potential for scale when testing anything that can be hit from the public side.  For more information, review the Cloud vs Private Location article for a detailed explanation of the differences.  A review of the Testing Behind the Firewall: Securing your Data with BlazeMeter Private Locations blog provides additional security measures that might need to be considered in an evaluation of the BlazeMeter SAAS solution.