User interface behaviour on forms etc. incorrect after patch
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User interface behaviour on forms etc. incorrect after patch


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CA Service Catalog


After installing a new GA patch the Service Catalog user interface may be displaying the following behaviors:

  • forms hanging
  • Catalog tab not displaying
  • Forms not displaying at all


Release : 17.2 & 17.3



Pressing F12 to bring up the browser debug console showed errors calling rzTable module.

This is part of the Angular.js library suite.

Both angular-table-resize.js and angular-table-resize.css are present on the server, but not called by the page. These files have both been added in patches for 17.2 after the original release.

Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm\explorer\includes.xsl has, at lines 505-510, has reference to the javascript, and line 566 has the css to load these lines. However, it was not picked up because there was a custom version in the File Store overriding it. 

By running win-merge, WinDiff or any other diff utility to see the differences in the file between the folders the specific changes by both the patch and the customization can be seen, so the File Store copy can be updated to contain both.


Old versions of includes.xsl are located in locations similar to the following location:

Service Catalog\REPLACED\CA_SLCM_r17.2.0.15.OLD\view\webapps\usm\explorer 


New versions of includes.xsl are located here:

Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm\explorer 


Custom version of includes.xsl are located here:

filestore\custom\explorer (the custom version)


Whenever applying patches it is important check for any replaced files that are also present in the customization, so changes can be merged.