Jaspersoft 7.8 slow after upgrade from 7.13
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Jaspersoft 7.8 slow after upgrade from 7.13


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The Advanced Reporting interface is a lot slower since moving to JS 7.8


Jaspersoft 7.8


High network latency will contribute to slower UI response times

Based on the Broadcom Development review, there is not anything we can do to work around the slow bandwidth or high network latency.

TIBCO (vendor for Jaspersoft) has made a lot of changes and improvements in this release.

When you compare 7.1 and 7.8 resources, 7.8 has more css and js files that are downloaded.

Below are a few major changes that contributed to the increase in size:

  • New Domain Designer. The new designer impl has been moved to JS. In 7.1 major validations and impl was only on Java Controller. The same holds true to Adhoc Views too. Earlier the validations that were part of Java server code, have been moved to JS client-side.
  • The Domain Designer has new icons for tables, fields, joins, sets, and others throughout.
  • Three new visualizations. The new gauge types are the circular gauge, the multi-level gauge, and the arc gauge. These gauges have formatting properties to set minimum and maximum values, colors for value ranges, whether the value is displayed, and if so the number of decimal places and a suffix string such as the % sign.
  • Ad Hoc visualization selector. This UI element has been updated to choose or switch between visualizations more easily. The visualization selector now lets you choose crosstab or table, and the chart selection includes a sidebar for chart categories. In addition, the visualization mode toolbar drop-list is replaced with a visualization selector button.
  • There are several new features in the Ad Hoc Designer that allow greater customization of chart colors. New UI properties allow the user to set the series color, the plot color, and the background color in charts that allow it.
  • Better interface components, paginated loading, and refined client-side rendering all improve the performance of Domains; the new designer handles thousands of tables.


The solution would be to decrease the network latency or move to a faster connection.