Need to bulk checkin/checkout
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Need to bulk checkin/checkout


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We would like to checkin/checkout in n number of files in a particular folder.

For eg, If a folder is already having 500 files, we need to checkout and checkin 100 of files out of 500. Is there any way to do it in a one shot? Kindly help us on this.


Release : 13.0.3


From Workbench this is easily done by multi-selecting the files you want to check out, right click and select the Check Out process.
From the “hco” command line utility you have several options:
- You can list the specific files you want to check out on the command line.  For example:
hco -b brokername -en projectname -st statename ... MyFile1.txt MyFile2.txt MyFile3.txt
- The “-s” option.  From the documentation:
-s filename | pattern
(Optional) Specifies that the check-out process should search every directory below the current one for files that match a file name or naming pattern. This option must be followed by a file name or naming pattern. To specify multiple file names or naming patterns, use the -s option before the first file name or pattern. -s will search for the patterns specified between it and the next option. 
Naming patterns that include a wildcard must be enclosed in single or double quotes when used with the -s option. If no quotes are included on multiple naming patterns, hco searches recursively for the first file (the naming pattern immediately following the -s option) and searches only the current directory for the remaining files.
Examples: -s option
To recursively check out all files with the .c file extension, use the following command:
hco [options] -s "*.c"
To check out *.c and *.exe and recursively check out the files one.c, two.c, and three.c, use the following command:
hco file.txt *.c ... -s one.c two.c three.c [option] *.exe
- The “-vp” option.  If your files are broken up into sub-folders you can use the “viewpath” option to specifically target files in a specific sub-folder.
- The “-pf” option.  If your files are broken out into packages, this option lets you check out only the files in a specific package. From the documentation:
(Optional) Specifies that items should be selected based on package contents. Checks out the latest versions from the current view of all items that have any version associated with the specified package. If used with the -po option, checks out the latest versions associated with the -pf specified package. Specifying more than one -pf parameter is not allowed.