How to find my MAI session list in MSDM for SOLVE:Access
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How to find my MAI session list in MSDM for SOLVE:Access


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SOLVE: Access Session Management


I want to change my session list. I don't see a session list for my userid under MSDM, but I see a session list when I logon.
How do I find my session list?



Release : 5.0

Component : CA SOLVE:Access Session Management


If you see a session list when you logon but there is no session list under your specific userid in MSDM (MAI Session Definition Maintenance), it is because you are assigned to use a group profile.

To find that profile, do the following: 

  1. Logon to SOLVE.
  2. You can view your userid definition by issuing either /UAMS (or A.SS.U) 
  3. Use the B -  browse  function to view your userid.
  4. page forward using F8 to Page 8 of your user profile.

The value in the 'Session Model' field is the name of the session list assigned to you.

Note that value, then go to /MSDM (or A.AC.MS) where you can put in the Session Model as the userid and make the desired updates.

NOTE: Any changes made here will affect all users assigned to that Session Model.