Rejected Transactions Not Cleared Out Of The Invalid Transactions Page After The Transactions Have Been Fixed And Posted to WIP
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Rejected Transactions Not Cleared Out Of The Invalid Transactions Page After The Transactions Have Been Fixed And Posted to WIP


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After a transaction has been fixed it should move out of the rejected status and out of the Invalid Transaction page. However the rejected transactions still show on the Invalid Transactions page even after the transaction has been fixed and posted to WIP

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a labor resource "Jason Berry", specify Input Type Code, set Track Mode to 'Clarity', populate the financial properties page.
  2. Create a new project "HR Benefit" and assign Jason to a task. Make sure a charge code doesn't exist on the task properties page, or the project's Schedule page
  3. Log 8 hours for Jason on the above task on 2/19/2015, approve and post the timesheet
  4. Run Post Transactions to Financial job and see that the transaction is rejected on the Invalid Transactions page with an error or "Missing or Invalid Charge Code", as expected
  5. Adjust the timesheet, if not present configure the Charge Code field to show on the Timesheet detail page. Select a charge code for the adjustment timesheet, approve and post the adjustment timesheet
  6. The Invalid Transactions page now has 2 New transactions and the previously existing Rejected transaction, all for the 8 hours Jason logged. This is as expected as one of the New transactions is to offset the hour from the original rejected transaction; the other will carry the right charge code and bring in 8 hours
  7. Run Post Transactions to Financial job and examine the Invalid Transactions page.

Expected Result: No transaction should be shown for the assignment.

Actual Result: There are 2 rejected transactions with error "Missing or Invalid Charge Code". These two transactions stay there even after the one 'good' transaction has been posted to WIP and can be seen on the Create WIP Adjustment page.


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


This was reported as CLRT-60800 and has been confirmed to be working as designed:

When you adjust a timesheet and add a charge code for a timesheet row, posting of this adjustment timesheet produces two transactions: one without charge code and with -n quantity, this is to cancel out the previously produced transaction that does not have a charge code; another with the new charge code and with +n quantity. 

The two transactions stay rejected because they don't have a charge code. To clear these two transactions you need to put a charge code on the project or task and run the Post Transactions to Financial job again. These two transactions will go through to WIP but they offset each other in quantity. 



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus