nic_monitor probe fails to deploy on AIX version 7 and SunOS version 5 releases
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nic_monitor probe fails to deploy on AIX version 7 and SunOS version 5 releases


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The nic_monitor probe fails to deploy either on AIX version 7 (and/or) on SunOS version 5 releases with the following error:

No sections found which can be installed

The following documentation is not clear which Unix Operating Systems are supported with nic_monitor probe:

Platform_Support_Availability_203.pdf (

nic_monitor (Network Interface Performance Monitoring) Release Notes (


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - NIC_MONITOR release 1.1



It appears neither AIX version 7 nor SunOS version 5 releases are supported. Please follow the below procedure to find the supported Unix Operating Systems with nic_monitor probe:

-> From the Infrastructure Manager -> Go to Archive section

-> Double click the package nic_monitor

-> Select the unix tab, under the OS tab, find the supported OS:

Additional Information

- If you would like these Operating System releases to be supported, go through the ideation to see if this has already been created, if not, you could create an enhancement request following the below procedure, if the Project Management approves it, we could see these Operating System releases certified with the new release of nic_monitor probe:

How to raise an enhancement request for UIM (

- Alternately, you could give a try using the snmpcollector probe if the end devices are supported. However if the end devices are not supported, there is no guarantee this would work. Here is a list of supported devices. Also, please go through the snmpcollector probe documentation for further details.