Adding multiple disk pack volumes to Datacom files without SMS
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Adding multiple disk pack volumes to Datacom files without SMS


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We are trying to reallocate database files on a system that doesn’t have SMS storage.
We would like to add additional multiple disk pack volumes to database file areas to be used when they extend.



Release : 15.1



For non-SMS datasets, to make more volumes available for dynamic extends there is no need to reallocate the files.
More volumes can be added by uncataloging the data set and recataloging it with additional volumes which will then be available for use by dynamic extends.
Perform the following procedure:

  • Note the volumes the dataset currently resides in and the order of the volumes.
  • Uncatalog the data set.
  • Recatalog the dataset it with the original volumes in the order they were originally allocated plus the additional volumes

Here is a sample job to uncatalog and rectalog using IEFBR14. Assume the file currently resides in volser1 and adding 2 volumes.

//UNCAT    EXEC PGM=IEFBR14                            
//SYSUT2   DD DSN=database.file,DISP=(OLD,UNCATLG)      
//RECAT    EXEC PGM=IEFBR14                             
//SYSUT2   DD DSN=database.file,VOL=SER=(volser1,volser2,volser3),
//            DISP=(OLD,CATLG),UNIT=3390                

For the MUF to see the new volumes you have to close the dbid in CICS with DBOC CLOSE=nnn and in the MUF with DBUTLTY COMM CLOSE,DBID=nnn.
The next time the file is needed it will be opened and the MUF will see the new volumes in the catalog.
To reopen the DBID in CICS use DBOC OPEN=nnn.
A dynamic extend will then use the additional volumes.
After adding the volumes, if a DBUTLTY INIT is run it will default to allocating extents across all volumes.
To INIT the file and only use the first volume add the VOLUMES parameter to the INIT, e.g.: 
   INIT     AREA=aaa,DBID=nnn,VOLUMES=1



Additional Information

See the Datacom documentation section Multivolume INITs in INIT Data Area and INIT IXX and section Creating and Maintaining Data Areas.

See article 33629 - Adding volumes to SMS-managed database files in Datacom