Which of the two Microsoft cluster types should I select in the cluster probe?
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Which of the two Microsoft cluster types should I select in the cluster probe?


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Have read the cluster probe help docs but it doesn't mention the difference between Microsoft Cluster Service and Microsoft Cluster Shared Volume. This is for an MS SQL server Active/Passive shared volumes setup.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - CLUSTER

- cluster 3.70 or higher


- Not enough information in the cluster help docs


Microsoft Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) setup is similar to Microsoft Cluster setup, along with Shared Volumes in Filesystem. CSV was introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2 to simplify storage with clustered Hyper-V virtual machines. 

In a Cluster without CSV, only one node can access the volumes at a time, whereas CSV (Cluster Shared Volumes) is a feature in Windows Server in which shared volumes are concurrently accessible to all nodes within a failover cluster. 

If a customer has an Active/Passive shared volumes setup and wants to monitor that shared volume, Microsoft Cluster Shared Volume should be used/selected. 

In Cluster Shared Volume setup, the probe uses WMI queries to get the data.

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