How to find Cloud SWG Tenant ID
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How to find Cloud SWG Tenant ID


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Web Isolation Cloud Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


The Cloud SWG tenant ID is required to integrate your Cloud SWG tenant with Web Isolation Cloud.

How can I locate my Cloud SWG Tenant ID (Customer ID)?


There are a few options to get this tenant ID: 

a) If you have the WSS Agent, check the Support logs and search for the 'Customer ID' string. This value will be the tenant ID for your tenant.


b) Via the Cloud SWG/WSS Portal: 

1. Log in to the Cloud SWG Portal:

2. Click on "Connectivity" on the left panel

3. Select: "Symantec Endpoint Security"

4. Pull the ID from the first characters from the first "Network Integration Token for SEP"

In this example, the Customer ID is: XXXX


c) If you do not have WSS Agents, you can get the info through the Cloud SWG Portal using the following steps:

  1. Log into the WSS Portal

  2. Go to Account Configuration -> Reporting Settings -> Log Export

  3. Select SG as a Data Source and either ELFF or CSV for Export Type

  4. View/Edit the Fields included in Download

  5. Verify that x-bluecoat-request-tenant-id is included in the file.

  6. Choose a date and time period, you only need a single line so set the time period to one hour.

  7. Select a log and click download.

  8. The file link will be emailed to you. If you do not receive the email within an hour please check your spam folder.

  9. Find the column and the WSS tenant ID should be 5 digits or longer and numbers only.