Is CA Vantage running on my system?
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Is CA Vantage running on my system?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



I would like to determine whether or not the CA-Vantage product is running in one of our environments.

I checked and there is no CARIMPRM parameters coded.

Please let me know whether we can check via the CAS9 keys, whether we are licensed to run Vantage.





Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager




The Vantage STC is shipped via the CCTUSAMP data set, and is found in member 'SAMS'.  Some customers might rename this PROC to a name such as 'VANxxxxx'.  The user can check to see whether any STC's with names such as these are running on the system.  Concerning the CAS9 proc and CAIRIM and LMP keys, if you are running the GMI version of Vantage, then no special LMP license keys are needed to be defined for the CAS9 proc (in this case, CA Vantage GMI uses the LMP license key for CA Common Services for z/OS CAIRIM Service).  If you are running a non-GMI version (such as the base version, or with other products such as Sysview, Astex, or special Vantage components such as Automation, etc.), then you'll need to obtain separate LMP license keys for these. 

Additional Information

An LMP Key listing for Broadcom products can be found at: