Customize TCP/IP connection panel
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Customize TCP/IP connection panel


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CA Plex


Customize TCP/IP connection panel

The version of ob721lnc.ITA displays a company logo.

How can we customize this panel?


Release : 7.2

Component : CA Plex


There might be some customization done in the environment within ob721lnc.ITA resource file.

We recommend the following approach to identify the customization done so far and make further updates as required.

- Take a backup of Ob721lnc.ITA file.
- Copy ob721lnc.ITA to a temporary location.
- Rename ob721lnc.ITA to ob721lnc.dll
- Open Visual Studio 2013 IDE.
- Go to menu "File -> Open -> File..." and select/open the file ob721lnc.dll.
- This will open a resource view, Expand Dialog folder, and double click on dialog id – 201.

- Double click the Dialog ID 201, following UI will appear, this may differ as you have customization.
Select appropriate Control as required in the TCP/IP connection dialog box, and update the required properties accordingly.

- Save the changes and close the Visual Studio IDE.
- Now, rename the file Ob721lnc.dll to Ob721lnc.ENG.
- Move this file from a temporary location to Plex installation.
- Launch the application and verify the same.