Intermittent Error 500 in Tomcat access logs for UDS webservices
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Intermittent Error 500 in Tomcat access logs for UDS webservices


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CA Risk Authentication


This an informational discussion related to an HTTP 500 error that may be encountered in the Tomcat localhost access logs when a  webservices call to UDS is sent. A HTTP 500 Error is a blanket (very generic) network related error and no Advanced Authentication bug is implied.

The example of this 500 from a localhost_access_log looks like this. - - [25/Jun/2021:03:29:16 -0700] "POST /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc HTTP/1.1" 500 661



Release : 9.1

Component : RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


As error code 500 is a generic error. Here will talk in terms of a webservice request that was intended for UDS.

1. The webservice could not reach UDS for processing for endpoint - /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc due to network issue.

2.  A non-existent endpoint like /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc1  instead of the correct /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc was used. (this scenario is discussed in Cause section)

3.  A Load Balancer (if configured)  configuration issue may have not directed the request to the UDS due to network connectivity issue etc.


As 500 is a generic return code this section just exhibits a successful (return code 200) and unsuccessful  (return code 500 when the given endpoint is not reachable or in this case incorrect) webservice request - getUserStatus to UDS via SOAPUI.

1. Successful Webservices Request.

Successful  POST completed Webservices Request  (200 in localhostaccess log) - - [26/Jun/2021:22:59:28 -0700] "POST /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc HTTP/1.1" 200 808


2.  Unsuccessful Webservices Request /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc1 used to create a non-existent endpoint leading to a 500 error in localhostaccess log. Essentially if the request cannot be posted to the endpoint or incorrect endpoint can lead to the 500 error.


Unsuccessful Webservices request to UDS leading to 500 error as shown in the localhostaccess.log - - [26/Jun/2021:23:59:32 -0700] "POST /arcotuds/services/ArcotUserRegistrySvc HTTP/1.1" 500 661


1. Resolve the connectivity issue that led to the intermittent 500.

2. One can ignore the one off 500 error if the Global Admin "User Report" shows all success  given the time the 500 was returned. This essentially indicates that there was no transactional impact to the user.



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