Adding a SMTP alias to the Enforce System Email field fails
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Adding a SMTP alias to the Enforce System Email field fails


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


We have already configured the DLP to send email from this address: "[email protected]" but we now want to send emails with a display name

or alias like this Services - Data Loss Prevention <[email protected]>

however if we insert this value into the Enforce SMTP > System Email we receive an error "Not a valid email address" as follows: 

Is there a way to configure the Enforce to send email from: "Data Loss Prevention <[email protected]>"


Release : 15.5, 15.7, 15.8. 16.x

Component : System Email


By design the system email format is hard coded and expects the mail address entered not to include an alias or display name. 


Currently DLP does not support the adding of an SMTP alias or display name for the Enforce System Email address.

Consequently we have raised a Feature Request as follows for consideration with product management to potentially add this to future releases: 

Ref: ISFR-1806
Description: DLP - Enforce SMTP Settings - Ability to add SMTP Alias / Display Name

If you would like to be added to list of requestors for this new feature to be added to the existing functionality please contact the Symantec Enterprise Division Technical Support.