Edit ETC in assignments module - options available
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Edit ETC in assignments module - options available


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Issue with editing the ETC from the Assignments module, no matter if its zero or greater. It’s possible entering in each task assignments, but you cannot edit it in the Assignment flyout. Are there options to be able to edit ETC in the Assignment module?

To reproduce the issue, in Modern User Experience (UX)

  1. Go to a project.
  2. Add resources in the Staff module
  3. Add tasks in the Tasks Module
  4. Select one task (no milestone or summary task) and expand the details
  5. Add a resource in the Assignments of task
  6. Go to the Assignments module
  7. Select one of the rows of resource/task and expand the details

Expected result: ETC field is editable

Actual result: ETC field is not editable and you have to edit it in the assignments of task instead of the assignments module


Release : 15.9.2

Component : Assignment Module


Not being able to edit the ETC on the Assignment Module flyout is by design (updated as part of the following defect: Assignment Details out of sync in New UX). However, there are available options to edit ETCs in the Assignment module.


There are a couple of options to edit ETCs on the Assignment module. This can be done by adding the ETC Totals field to the column list or the ETC for Per Period Metrics.

Below is a screen shot (that shows the ETC fields that are able to be edited on the Assignment module (highlighted in yellow) if they meet the criteria above. The first ETC column (different than ETC Totals) is uneditable):

ETC Totals

As long as Totals columns in View Options is set to Sum of Periods (not Grand Totals), the ETC Totals field is editable.

To add the ETC Totals column to your view:

  1. Go to the Assignments module of a project
  2. Click on the Column Panel
  3. Click on the check box for ETC under Totals

Below a screen shot from the column list that shows which ETC column is editable (the one under Totals)

To check if Totals Columns is set to Sum of Periods:

  1. Go to the Assignments module of a project
  2. Click on the Gear icon (View Options)
  3. View was is selected under Totals Columns. If set to Grand Totals, change to Sum of Periods

Per-Period Metrics

Additionally, if you have ETC added in Per-Period Metrics (available in View Options), you can edit ETC directly in specific periods as well (this can be done whether using Sum of Periods or Grand Totals).

To add this to the Assignment grid:

  1. Go to the Assignments module of a project
  2. Click on the Gear icon (View Options)
  3. From Per-Period Metrics drop down, select ETC
  4. Select the preferred Period Type
  5. Select the preferred Start Period and End Period
  6. Close the View Options window

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, see also: Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues

To request an enhancement see KB: Enhancement Requests for Clarity