DLP 15.8 Installation failed due to "Error calling OCIErrorGet"
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DLP 15.8 Installation failed due to "Error calling OCIErrorGet"


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Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention Plus Suite


When installing Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce Server (Platform) after providing all of the installation information and clicking on the "install" button. You see a new window pop-up with the message "Error calling OCIErrorGet" with no other details.

You may see in the background that the install hung on the "Validating Oracle Configuration"...


Observed in 15.7, and 15.8 but potentially applicable to any version.


  1. tnsnames.ora is missing or invalid
  2. environment variables are not set correctly


  1. copy the tnsname.ora file from the Oracle server into the installation location for the Client
    • C:\Oracle\client\Administrator\product\\client_1\network\admin\tnsname.ora
  2. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, this should point to the \bin directory.
    • C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJRE\jdk8u262-b10-jre\bin
  3. Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable, this should be pointed to the "HOME" location, NOT the \bin directory.
    • C:\Oracle\client\Administrator\product\\client_1
  4. Set the PATH environment variable, add the following values...
    • %JAVA_HOME%
    • %ORACLE_HOME%/bin

Additional Information

You can test the JAVA_HOME variable by opening a CMD window and using the "java -version" command. For DLP 15.8, this should show java version 8 build 262.

You can test the tnsnames.ora by using the "tnsping protect" command, where protect is your Oracle Service Name.