SYSVIEW | GRAPH Command Does Not Find Variables
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SYSVIEW | GRAPH Command Does Not Find Variables


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The HELP for GRAPH says:

Command Syntax  GRAPH   source jobname variable { rsce1 } { rsce2 } 

source:  The source of the data to be displayed. Valid are: MVS       Data from MVS data collector.  CICS      Data from CICS data collector.  etc
jobname: The specific jobname or ssid associated with the source type. Source MVS  NONE    CICS  JOBNAME of region 
variable:The name of a variable or metric.             
rsce1: Specific resource to the specified variable

See: VARS     rsce2    same as rsce1

VARS shows the following data:

Owner Group    Subgroup Variable Resourc1 Resourc2 Description            
MVS   WMSYSSUM WMSYSSUM WLMPI    wmsyssum          WLM performance index  

MVS   WORKLOAD WORKLOAD WLSMIPS  workload          MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)  
.     .        .        WLSMSOSU workload          MSO service units      

With that information, information being received from the command  "GRAPH MVS WLMPI", is incorrect, returning:

GRPH002E*Requested variable was not found 
Status  NoSRT NoLIM   SEL NoDST NoPFX NoOWN NoUPD NoPRT NoCAP            
Source   Variable Stg Description                                        
MVS      WLMPI    NO  WLM performance index    (it finds the variable's description...)

Thinking this could be an issue with WLM-related variables, another attempt was made, issuing "GRAPH WLM WLMPI" and this time, a com completely unrelated response was returned, showing the source as "WLM"

CICS005W CICS monitor is not active in job WLM ASID * ----------------
Source   Variable Stg Description                                     
WLM      WLMPI        WLM performance index                           

How can GRAPH be corrected to find the variables?


Release : 17.0; 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The GRAPH command being executed does require additional parameters. Looking at the VARS entry for WLMPI it shows resourc1 name of "wmsyssum". 
The required resources are from the WMSYSSUM display. 

When issuing WMSYSSUM, the "Workload" and "ClassTyp" would be used for input into the GRAPH command, along with "Per" and "Imp". WMSYSSUM has a line command PLOT that assists in what is needed to fill in when issuing the WLMPI. 

Since the PI refers to the performance index, users need to verify the entry which the GRAPH command is being issued for contains a value in the Index column. 


  1. Issue "WMSYSSUM", then enter "PLOT" on one of the lines where the index value is present, it will plot the data.
  2. Enter "LISTLOG" to view the format of the PLOT command that was actually issued.
  3. From that format, replace the PLOT with GRAPH when issuing the intended GRAPH command

Additional Information

  • The missing PlotMbr that aren't in the PLOTLIB are generated from the code that is next to that VARIABLE
  • While an officially-supported line command for GRAPH doesn't yet exist (like PLOT), users have the ability to create a custom line command - emulating the intent of a GRAPH line command.