Modern Ux Staff View Options shows all periods in system
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Modern Ux Staff View Options shows all periods in system


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Problem Statement: In Modern Ux Staff View Options shows all periods in system irrespective of Project Dates. In View Options (on staff area within a project) in Modern UX you see all periods (fiscal time periods) existing in system for selection. This does not make sense in context of projects, since selection of time periods does make sense within the time range of the project. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create fiscal time periods or have time periods configured from year 2007 to 2023 (for example).
  2. Create project with following start/finish dates. (Example: Start Date: 01/06/2019 , Finish Date: 31/03/21)
  3. Navigate to staff tab of the project (ensure to add staff tab in the blueprint) 
  4. Open View Options and select start period lookup

Actual Result: All periods starting from 2007 can be selected

Expected Result: Start Period selection is limited to project schedule 


Release : 15.9.2



This is by design; it provides the user with the ability to configure periods for the current year and when you switch between projects you are working in the current year.  You may have investments that are really long and this allows greater flexibility. 

This could cause users (with investment edit access) to automatically 'extend' the investment dates if data is entered into the periods that are outside of these dates, but typically users are editing allocations for the current year on active projects.

There are combinations of access rights that can be granted or revoked to provide restrictions for editing the investment and editing allocation data. 
Another alternate way is to create a saved view for investment relative dates and it will automatically use those dates when switching between the investments.