NTEVL Enhanced MCS Templates - <Alarm Message String> field maxlength limited to 100
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NTEVL Enhanced MCS Templates - <Alarm Message String> field maxlength limited to 100


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This technical article documents a known limitation when configuring ntevl MCS (Enhanced) Profiles and using regex expressions, the character max length is limited to 100. 

NTEVL Templates with this limitation:

  • Event Log Include (Enhanced)
  • Event Log Exclude (Enhanced)

Example of MCS Enhanced ntevl configuration:

Below is an example of regex added in 'alarm message string'

/^ - Managed Object: (.*?Shelf::(.*?)\\Board::(.*?)\\.*?Terminal::(.*?));.*? - Severity: Minor;.*?No response from de set .*,(.*?)\s*;.*#000;/

When this is added, the text after No which is the 100th character is not present in the field:

This limitation (maxlength = 100) is visible using the browser web developer tools console tab, when configuring the profile:



Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - NTEVL


Known limitation - Working as designed. 


Engineering has provided a new mcs template package hotfix build which increases the character limit to 256. 

Below are the steps required to implement the new package: 

1. Download the attached templates package and import it into your local archive. 

2. Deploy the new package to the primary hub robot. 

3. Ctrl+P on the MCS probe and select the "activate_probes_template_package" command. 

4. Use the below values for the PU command and run: 

probe_name = ntevl
templates_package = 4.32-SNAPSHOT

5. This should start the migration and you can use the below queries to check the status in the UIM DB: 

  SELECT * FROM SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage where probe_name = 'ntevl'

  SELECT * FROM SSRV2ProbeTemplateUpgrade where probe_name = 'ntevl'

Here is an example of the successful migration in Support's lab environment (UIM 20.3.3 - June Patch Applied): 


Additional Information

ntevl_mcs_templates-4.32.zip attached to this article. 

Please contact Broadcom Technical Support if you have any questions or concerns before running the procedure. 

We also suggest testing this procedure and template out of the production environment first. 

This change will be applied to the next GA release of the ntevl_mcs_template package, no ETA at this time. 


ntevl_mcs_templates-4.32_1624526900573.zip get_app