Report on IDMS database record access
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Report on IDMS database record access


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This article describes the options available for reporting on IDMS database record activity.


Release : All supported releases.
Component : CA IDMS/DB


Every update to an IDMS database record is recorded in the journals so the various journal reports can be used to report on updates.

This is not possible for database retrievals (e.g. FIND, OBTAIN) - these are never journaled.
There is a parameter of the SYSGEN system statement called JOURNAL/NOJOURNAL RETRIEVAL but what that does is indicate whether or not BGIN/ENDJ checkpoints for retrieval only run-units are journaled.

At compile level, the actual DMLs that are coded in a program can be recorded in the data dictionary.
Note that this is not a record of what is actually done at runtime - it is just a record of what DML statements against what records are in a program.
This feature is enabled by ACTIVITY LOGGING for ADS dialogs, and by not specifying *RETRIEVAL in cobol compiles.
The results can be seen with DIS PROG program-name. in IDD.