Assistance with Uninstallation Of CA Dispatch
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Assistance with Uninstallation Of CA Dispatch


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We need assistance with uninstalling CA Dispatch and removing it from our system.


11,6, 11.7, CA Dispatch


CA Support does not provide any official product uninstall utilities or instructions for removal of CA Dispatch from the system.

* If you no longer want job output to be processed by CA Dispatch, then the recommendation would be to NOT START the CA Dispatch related data collection and processing tasks:

  - This would include not starting the CADDSPLx related data collection tasks (CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx).

  - As well as the CA Dispatch data processing task (CADSDISP).  

* Understand that CA Dispatch is in essence a repository and as such, if you DELETE anything Dispatch related, you may no longer be able to retrieve or access the data that has been stored by Dispatch (On disk or on tape). Considering this, CA would not recommend deleting ANYTHING related to CA Dispatch, but you could optionally:

  - Rename the CA Dispatch related SMP/E libraries.

  - Rename the CA Dispatch LOAD library and/or remove from LINKLIST.

  - Rename the various other CA Dispatch EXECUTION libraries.

  - Rename the various CA Dispatch DATABASE and LDS files.

  - Remove the CA Dispatch LMP KEY component/product code (DS) statement from the CAIRIM/KEYS member.