CA View - Changing all security over to RACF
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CA View - Changing all security over to RACF


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Our internal auditors have just given us a mandate to change all the security in CA VIEW over to RACF. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The basic external security feature of View is as follows:

 . SARINIT parameter SECID=... notes the first node of a security rule. 
 . SARINIT parameter SECURITY=EXTERNAL notes that external security is being used for the database. 
 . There are 14 resource types (REPT, BANR, VIEW, etc.) that are used as the second node of a security rule:

Resource Type   Resources Protected
BANR                  Banner page members
DBAS                  SARDBASE functions
DEV                    Device definition (DEF DEV command)
DIST                   Distribution definition (DEF DIST command and user definition distribution identifier)
FILT                     Filter definitions (DEF FILTER command)
IDXN                   Index name
IDXV                   Index value
JOB                    Job records
NOTE                 Annotations and bookmarks
PANL                  Online panel members
REPT                  SYSOUTs/Reports
RAPS                  All pages of a SYSOUTt/Report
SYS                    SYSOUT definition (DEF SYS command)
USER                 User IDs (DEF USER command)
VIEW                  Logical Views

The above values would be used in the construction of a rule such as:

 . secid.REPT.*

The above format would be used, in constructing a rule, regardless of the security package used. 

Information is provided in the View documentation, in the Reference Guide, under External Security: